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David Price describes himself as a pretty open guy. As the latest subject in our Burning Questions series, the Boston Red Sox ace opens up about why MLB should allow players to express themselves through their cleats and the effectiveness of the drug-testing policy.Who was your favorite player growing up? Price:?David Justice. He was No. 23, hes left-handed, married to Halle Berry. I could relate with him.Who is your favorite player to watch today (not a teammate)? Price:?Im going to take it a step further and go with not a guy that Ive ever been a teammate with [in Tampa Bay, Detroit, Toronto or Boston]. Ive got to say Mike Trout. He does it all. And for me, as good at baseball as he is, I feel like hes a better dude than he is a baseball player. Thats pretty special. Ive talked to him quite a bit, been over to his house whenever we go to L.A., and what not. Hes just good people.Who is your most underrated teammate? Price:?Brock Holt. I mean, I dont think hes underrated or undervalued or whatever. But guys that are as versatile as him, a guy like Ben Zobrist?--?to be able to put a guy in at any position and not make your team worse -- thats special. It takes a really good athlete.Whats the most annoying question you are asked by the media?Price:?I dont think theres anything that really annoys me. Probably something postgame that [reporters] could know the answer to if they paid attention to the game. Like what pitch did you throw [for a home run]. It was 94, what did you think it was? A changeup? It was a fastball. Something like that.One rule you would change? Price: I think the shoes. Let guys express themselves. As much talk as the All-Star Game gets about the players and the Home Run Derby and all that, the guys cleats is what everybody talks about. It doesnt matter what brand youre with or whatever it is. To me, its the cleats. Thats why I want to go to All-Star Games so bad, because of the cleats Im going to get. To me, thats the one way everybody could express themselves on the baseball field. Its all kids care about -- cool gloves and cool shoes and cleats, stuff like that. Let the Dominican guys put a Dominican flag on their cleats. Let guys express themselves. Its not going to distract. If a pitcher has on whatever cleats, its not going to mess with the hitter or anything like that. Let us express ourselves. I dont see how you could do it wrong.Who is ultimately responsible for policing the game? Players, manager, umpires, the league? Price: Players. The players have to be able to police it. You dont want the umpires to do it off of their judgment or their discretion because they might not have been the umpiring crew that was there in April. It could be something that happens in September and they dont know everything that went around. Me growing up, you could tell that players policed this game, and thats why there was the amount of respect for one another like there was back then.How big of a problem are PEDs in todays game? Price:?I dont think its what it once was, obviously. Is it still here? Apparently so. I love Dee Gordon. I know him personally. Hes a great kid. Made a bad decision. But I think that kind of opens the eyes to not just looking at the guy thats hitting 40 homers. Youre not just looking at the guy thats 6-2, 250 and just shredded out of his mind. Itll help anybody. When I heard that, I was like, Wow, this completely changes the way that I looked at PEDs. I guess I was stereotypical with it. I wouldve never thought Dee Gordon. Hes not the home run guy. Hes hitting the ball all over the field and running wild, stuff like that. I think that opened the eyes to a new realm of PEDs.You feel like theres certain things they could do. If youre on getaway day and you have an off day the next day, its a perfect time to take whatever you need to take thats going to be out of your system in 48 hours. You cant get tested on getaway day, and thats going to give you two full days to do whatever you need to do.[Editors note: MLB does, in fact, conduct tests on getaway days, according to a league source.]I know theyre doing everything they can. They dont want it in our game. Theyre putting a lot of money into the tests and all of that stuff. Weve seen a ton of it this year. I think we had seven straight days with, whether it was pee tests or blood tests. Weve seen a lot of it. And I know every other team has seen it as well. As random as they say that [testing] is, I dont think its that random. But I think theyre doing everything in their power to clean the game up. I think they have done that for the most part. But theres still going to be guys that are going to do it.See, I could never do it because I dont want to disappoint my family. Period. I wouldnt want that bad publicity. Not just for myself. If I get it, so what? Thats a part of it. Thats the nature of the game. But I dont want that to leak to my mom and to my dad and to my nephew. That would crush me. I could never do anything like that. But theres some guys that might not be very close with their family or theyre on the fringe of being a big leaguer or theyre tired of being an average or below-average guy and they say, I can do this. Ball out for a year. If I get popped, serve my 50 games, continue to work the way I have when Im on them. And Im going to make these strides, and Im not going to get weaker. Im going to be stronger than I was, serve 50 games, make some money, and theyre OK with that. I understand that. I get it. They have one chance. Thats what it is.If you get popped, you cant play baseball anymore. Period. I think that could be the only thing they would do that would scare guys away from it.What is something that people dont know about you or have wrong about you? Price: I feel like Im a pretty open guy. Im a big kid. I think people know that. I dont think theres any wrong perceptions of me. Maybe because I dont show emotion on the mound as much as I used to -- I matured from when I was 22 years old or 23 or 24. Ive matured tremendously out there on that field. Its not that I dont care. By no means. I have a tremendous amount of pride, and I care deeply about what I do. I think sometimes it can be taken as, Im over it and I dont care, and thats by no means the case. Cheap NFL Jerseys China . Fellow centre Pavel Datsyuk remains out because of a concussion. Zetterberg has 11 goals and 19 assists for a team-high 30 points, and Datsyuk has a team-high 12 goals and 11 assists. Wholesale Jerseys Online . -- In a span of seven Washington Redskins offensive plays, Justin Tuck sacked Robert Griffin III four times. http://www.cheapjerseysreal.com/ . I cant pinpoint a date, but I do remember a player from my youth. Brian Downing was with the Chicago White Sox at a time when I listened to every game I possibly could on the radio. That particular season the late great Harry Caray was calling the White Sox games. Wholesale NFL Jerseys .J. Ellis hit two-run homers and the NL West champion Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the San Diego Padres 4-0 Saturday night. Cheap Jerseys . LOUIS -- Rookie Tavon Austin has missed another day of practice, lessening the odds hell be ready for the St. Cricket, and by extension, sport is replete with inspiring tales, and 22-year old Rovman Powells is one such story. The Jamaican grew up often having to skip meals to make sure his mother and younger sister werent left unfed. But while he grew up in poverty, Powell is determined not to die a poor man, and took to cricket to find a way out of the hardship. Today, having made it to the Jamaica Tallawahs for the 2016 Caribbean Premier League, Powell talks to Rosheika Grant in The Weekend Star about the first time he sent his mother some money, the pride she takes in his progress as a cricketer, playing alongside his heroes in the CPL, and more.When I told my mother that she can stop sending me money, and I sent her the first lump sum of cash, it made me the happiest man alive because a nuff hungry we face, and I was finally able to care for her.dddddddddddd. Whenever we were younger, and there was a little bit of food, I would always make them eat before me because if anything, I would bear the hunger because me know she try her best. The other day, she sent me a voice note telling me how proud she was of me and how happy she was to see all that I have done and continue to do that made me nearly tear up. 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